Thursday, May 15, 2008

VISTORY! Gay and Lesbian Couples Can Marry, says State Supreme Court

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This victory changes our lives forever.But the conversation isn't over.Our opponents are going to do their best to thwart this decision. Stay involved with these actions!

1. Hear the Response. Visit one of the websites listed above for a response from LGBT leaders across the state and the most up-to-date analysis of what the Court's ruling means for our community — beyond the headlines.

2. Join the Conversation Right Away. Whether you get your news at, or your local newspaper's Web site, take a moment right now to post thoughtful comments at the bottom of Internet news stories about the ruling.

3. Don't Forget Your Letter to the Editor. Even if your letter isn't published, editors make their selections based on the views of the letters they receive — so the more they hear from our community, the better.