Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GroundSpark offers Streaming Videos Free Until December 1

In response to the recent wave of teen suicides connected to anti-gay harassment, GroundSpark is offering four of their best documentary films for free streaming during October and November.

Their hope is that you will watch these films with your family or co-workers and make a plan to take action in your community to ensure that all youth feel safe and supported.

Use these streams as an opportunity to preview the films for your school, library, PTA, congregation, community group, or upcoming conference.

Use these films to start a dialogue with the people you care about about what’s going on in their lives and how you can help.

Let’s Get Real—about middle school name-calling, bullying, and bias

Straightlaced—How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up—how teens are confronting our culture’s ideas of “male” and “female”

It’s Elementary—Talking About Gay Issues in School—shows teachers addressing bias in K-8 classrooms

It’s STILL Elementary—a new call to action

Sign up to stream these films here.