Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Message from Sam and Julia Thoron to the No On 8 Campaign Members

Dear Friends,

We have suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of opponents who waged a campaign based on lies, deception and fear fueled by a deep and mistaken conviction that we, and our families, are inferior to theirs. It hurts deeply. It is cruel that our right to equal protection can be put to a vote.

We need to take time to heal. We also need to remind ourselves of a few very important concepts.

In our fight, we have kept to the high road. We have no need to examine our conscience. We have all given our utmost, freely and with unbelievable generosity and unity. We can and must hold our heads high.

In our loss, in our grief, we must not allow our anger and frustration to divide us. Let us not second guess or stoop to pointing fingers of blame among ourselves. Remember that what we have in common is what brought us together. However passionate we may be, we cannot allow small differences to divide us.

Finally, as we go on with our lives, we must not allow ourselves to become like our opponents. Even if we can neither forget nor forgive them for the way that they have treated us, we must always treat those around us with the same respect and dignity that we deserve and demand for ourselves and for our families. Let us continue to keep to the high road.

It has been an incredible honor and privilege to serve Equality for All, the No On Prop 8 Campaign. Working with you all has been a gift beyond price.

In love and solidarity,

Sam and Julia Thoron