Monday, November 10, 2008

Nationally-known Folk Trio Releases Musical Response to Prop 8

Rebecca Riots offers free download as gift to grieving marriage equality supporters.

In response to the passage of Proposition 8, which eliminates the right of California's same sex couples to marry, nationally-known folk group Rebecca Riots has released a new single. Members of the band hope it will inspire supporters of marriage equality to recommit themselves to the struggle for equal rights. The Bay Area-based trio invites them to visit and download "A Thousand Hands (Wedding Song 08)".

Prior to the election, Rebecca Riots was planning their new album, "Avenue", to be released in 2009; they planned to include "A Thousand Hands (Wedding Song 08)" on this album in honor California's historic legal same sex weddings. However, in the face of escalating scare tactics by proposition 8's proponents and inspired by record-breaking marriage equality volunteerism, the activist-minded band wanted to offer something more.

Simply slating the song for their CD, performing at LGBT benefits and emailing their list asking fans to get involved -- which they did -- didn't feel like enough. "We have been so inspired by the commitment of couples marrying in the face of intense public opposition, and deeply touched by the way that people of all sexual orientations rallied to fight the bigotry of proposition 8 and others like it" said Eve Decker, "We wanted to give something back to acknowledge that and inspire us all to keep up the fight."

Thus the Marriage Equality Gift Project was born and on Sunday, November 2, The folk trio with the distinctive three-part harmonies recorded their wedding song in preparation to offer it as a free download from their site beginning Wednesday, November 5th.

"We must not give up the fight for justice. We hope that a growing alliance between the lgbt community and its allies will eventually isolate intolerance and ensure justice" says Lisa Zeiler. Andrea Prichett adds, "Regardless of propostion 8 we must continue to convene loved ones to be
witnesses to, and supporters of, our loves and our weddings."

"A Thousand Hands (Wedding Song 08)" has already been used in several weddings and Rebecca Riots members hope many more will choose to make the song part of their special day as a statement of their determination to continue the fight for equal rights.


More about Rebecca Riots:

Folk icons The Rebecca Riots (Lisa Zeiler, Andrea Prichett, and Eve Decker) have received rave reviews for their performances and albums including "Best Band with a Conscience" by the S.F. Bay Guardian and "Dreamy Girl Band" by Girlfriends Magazine. The group took their name from an uprising in South Wales in 1843. Rebecca Riots supports grassroots activism as an effective strategy for social change. They have released 6 recordings and toured
extensively since their debut in 1993.

For more information about Rebecca Riots and/or to download "A Thousand Hands (Wedding Song 08)", go to