Friday, February 20, 2009

4th Annual Queer People of Color Conference

Date: April 3rd and 4th 2009

Location: UC Davis

Theme: "Building Communities through Art, Action, and Resistance."

All are welcome.

"This conference will allow individuals to come together & express a new sense of community. We'll redefine & introduce alternate forms of resisting, noting that our very existence is resistance and qpoc resist in their day-to-day lives via written, oral, thematic, artful & other means. We're aware that not all qpoc participate in "activism," but we insist simply being qpoc is taking a political stance. We'll come together to tackle issues, network in our communities, celebrate our creativity & redefine societal assumptions on what "resistance" is. The 4th Annual Queer People of Color Conference will promote that we are not a generation of apathy, we are a generation of action."

This is also a CALL FOR WORKSHOPS to be held at the conference.

Please submit proposals for your workshop by February 27th to

Your Proposal should include the following:
A 200 word/abstract/summary to appear on the conference program
An outline of the workshop
Names of presenters/organization

For more information about the Conference please visit our website, (and scroll down), or email us directly at