Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stronger Together - Benefit for Richmond Jane Doe

A benefit event featuring kick-ass performing artists in support of Richmond Jane Doe!

Stronger Together - Benefit for Richmond Jane Doe

Friday, February 6th & Saturday, February 7th
6:30 PM - Doors
7:00 PM - Performances

Featuring a Line-Up of Performing Artists (See details below)

Rose Street House of Music
1829 Rose Street
Berkeley, CA

This is a fundraiser to benefit the young lesbian who was gang-raped in a hate crime. Please show her that you are here for her and attend this event, it'll be fun, and it'll make you feel good!

Come together in community to help a sister in need, to help rebuild her life while staying strong for her 8-year-old daughter.

- Link to online information about JD:

- Link to Related Associated Press News Story by Lisa Leff:

* Reservation Information -
$10 - $99 suggested sliding scale donation.
100% of proceeds will go to JD (Richmond Jane Doe)

Reservations not required, but be sure to come early (especially on Friday).

Requested no fragrances/perfume please

To volunteer, please contact with "RJD volunteer" in the subject line.

* Featured Performing Artists -

- Irina Rivkin - live-looping OutMusic Awardee

- Pam & Jeri of Blame Sally (2/6)

- Andrea Prichett and Lisa Zeiler of Rebecca Riots (2/6) fresh radical folk

- StormMiguel Florez (2/6) real tranny folk rock

- Shelley Doty (2/7) - guitar goddess

- Green and Root (2/7) - authentic songs, sublime harmonies

- Maureen Brownsey MC's (2/6)

- Special guests Rebecca Crump, Sai Mayi Magram and Carrie Gerendasy

* About the Artists -

- Mo Brownsey, author of "Is It a Date or Just Coffee?" a veteran stand-up comic who has headlined internationally, and film/video maker who co-produced a PBS screened documentary on the Religious Right and Anti Gay Legislation of the mid-90s, will MC the 2/6 evening.

- Irina Rivkin (2/6 & 2/7), Outmusic Awardee, layers her poetic lyrics with rich textured harmonies, swirling with vocal percussive beats, all created live on-the-spot using her loop station instrument. "jazzy, and rhythmic . . . hot, harmony-rich vocals...rhythm & sound would pass as a Russian Sweet Honey in the Rock. "Angela Page, Sing Out!"

- Pam Delgado and Jeri Jones (2/6) consistently bring an audience enthusiastically to their feet with dynamic vocals, rocking percussion and guitar.

- Andrea Prichett & Lisa Zeiler (2/6) of Rebecca Riots - fresh, radical folk with inspiring originals that blend an intense dedication to social justice with an irresistible, welcoming attitude and lots of humor.

- StormMiguel Florez is a Mexican aMaricon singer/songwriter, QueErotic performance artist, and live tranny sex show producer. Sometimes he does these things all at once.

- Shelley Doty (2/7) articulate passionate songwriter, masterful guitarist " . . . the complete performer in her use of cranked up emotions in her singing, edgy rock energy and swinging jazz guitar rhythms." East Bay Express

- Green and Root (2/7) sing deliciously evocative songs with perfectly spiced harmonies. "The self-expression is immense" Robert Laurence, We the People

- Rose Street House of Music is a volunteer-run volunteer-hosted house concert & touring musical community bringing out women's voices through poetic music of substance & depth. All genders are welcome as audience, volunteers, & back-up musicians for the artists featured. or (510) 594-4000 ext. 687.

"Stronger Together" is produced by Tallon Nunez & Irina Rivkin / Rose Street House of Music.

Promotional support provided by Betty's List.